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Artist Statement

I have been fortunate to have creativity in both my work life and my hobbies.  From studying ballet at age 4 to being a professional theatrical lighting designer and lately the rental manager for a performing arts facility, the arts have been part of my life.  My new journey is in fused glass artwork.  You may also see some of my other craftwork in baskets, wreaths and Christmas stockings, but glass is my current fascination. 


I have always had a strong sense of color which you will see in my work.  Though many of the works are abstract, I strive for a balance in shape, design and color that I hope you will appreciate.  I also like texture whether it is just visual or actually tactile.  Many of my pieces have texture to them even though they may be used as a vessel rather than a piece of artwork.


Each piece is a hand-made, unique work.  Pieces that co-ordinate with each other can be created, but no two will be exactly alike.  Commissions are accepted. Consider a series of small trinket dishes as bridesmaids’ gifts or pen trays as office awards.  Business card holders and votive cups also make unique smaller gifts.


Susan creating.JPG
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